What is the Difference Between a Screening Test and a Diagnostic tTest?

The screening test to detect the early disease or risk factors for the number of largest healthy individuals. And there one is a diagnostic lab, in which disease as a basis for treatment decisions in symptomatic or screen positive individuals (confirmatory test). Now we describe some differences between the Screening and Diagnostic lab.

Screening: The main purpose of the screening is to detect potential disease indicators.

It targets a large number of populations, but potentially at-risk individuals.

There have simple test methods and their staff. Screening has a generally positive result and high sensitive potential disease. However,  this very effectual and cheap rate services, you can visit any time in this lab and get screening any time.

Diagnostic Lab:- Its main purpose to establish the presence/absence of disease. The diagnostic lab is a very higher rate service. Therefore, its result provides a definite diagnosis.

So that’s some difference between the diagnostic lab and screening. Now we are telling you about the best lab in the USA states. If you want this lab service then visit the Gdax Diagnostic lab and visit there site and get all information related to the healthcare check-up. So don’t waste the time and visit now on Gdax Lab.


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